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How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus? How to emphasize on hygiene habits without boring them?

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus? How to emphasize on hygiene habits without boring them?

Our team has gathered a few tips on how to talk to them about this sensitive topic:

  • Assess what your child knows: Kids hear all kinds of things, and they easily believe even the most unbelievable facts. Start by hearing your child out, to understand exactly what they know, the accuracy of it, and the facts you can correct.

  • Process your own anxiety: Kids can sense the way you feel while around them. Having a conversation with your child when you are worried or anxious will only pass those feelings to him in an indirect way. To feel safe, your child needs to feel that you are calm, composed, stable and in control.

  • Use age-appropriate words: Based on your child’s age, try to find the right words to describe the situation by giving actual facts in a simple and understandable way. "You know what it’s like to have a cold or the flu — how sometimes you get a cough or have a fever? This is kind of like that. Most people who catch this sickness stay home, rest and get all better. And we have wonderful doctors and nurses who can help people when they need it.”

  • Reassure them that they are safe: This is what they need to hear the most. Kids look up to their parents for love, care and most importantly, for protection. "Mom/Dad is here to make sure you are always safe from everything, including this bug. That is the reason why we are all at home, together, cozy and having fun”.

  • Make it sound like you are giving them a mission: This works especially well with children aged 3-9. Giving them a role in the situation makes them feel like they are actively participating in the fight against the virus.”Mom needs your help fighting the nasty bug, I will explain what you need to do to help”.

And this is where we teach them in a fun way how they can accomplish their mission, and be a real hero:

  • Always wash your hand thoroughly: Before and after meals, after you go to the bathroom, after you come in from outside and after you’ve blown your nose or put your hands in your mouth"The virus likes it when it finds a tiny spot on your hand that you have not washed properly, it wins if it finds one. If you want to defeat it, you need to make sure you wash it for at least 20 seconds, and follow the method i showed you (you have shown him how to cover every spot while washing)

  • Eat well, sleep well: The best defense you have against the enemy (virus) is to stay healthy. That’s why you need to go to bed on time, eat your greens and exercise a little bit every day”

  • Stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing or sick

  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow, or in a tissue that you throw in a garbage bin immediately after

We hope this helps, and don’t need to remind you: You got this! 

Of all people, you will know the right things to say to your kids!


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