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3 Reasons to follow a balanced nutrition diet

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3 Reasons why we should follow a balanced nutrition diet, 
& 3 key-indicators for when to add a supplement:

In a fast-paced, vibrant, and energetic environment like the UAE, it is difficult to keep track of what we eat, or how healthy it is. 

Through our common daily food habits, a lot of carbs and unnecessary fats are naturally embedded. Which in turn, makes us more vulnerable to blood pressure diseases, an increase in cholesterol levels, obesity, and other health complications. 

Some of us simply don’t care about having a balanced nutrition, just because they "feel” fine, and look "healthy”. But by the time our body pulls the alarm on our unhealthy eating habits or insufficient nutritional food, it could be too late to recover from their side effects.

So, New Year, New Resolutions! (yes, we know, we say it every year!) 

It IS never too late to start eating clean and to add supplements when needed. As long as we make an educated decision on the type of supplement we add to our diet.

First things first: Why do we need to have a balanced nutrition? (AKA the obvious question)

1. It increases our energy level; by eating sufficient amounts of calories and having an accurate vitamin intake, we can be more energetic, feel less fatigue, and get things done at work and at home easier and faster.
2. It reduces the risk of some chronic diseases; by balancing our diet, and only taking what is suitable for our body needs, we will be less vulnerable to diabetes, vascular diseases, osteoporosis, and some cancer types.
3. It improves our overall quality of life; improving nutrition improves our well-being, ability to fight illness (natural immunity), ability to recover from injuries, and decrease general fatigue caused by malnutrition.

What to eat to increase our healthy nutrition diet?

● Fruits and vegetables: They increase our natural sugar intake and boost our metabolism.
● Whole grains: They are very rich with vitamins and minerals and keep us feeling full for longer hours.
● Water: It goes without saying that water is of utmost importance to your metabolism and overall wellness. A balanced water intake improves the quality of your hair from the inside out. 
● Other sources of protein: It is important to add ingredients such as beans, and tofu (rich in protein, but with fewer fats) to our diet, as well as fish, an excellent source of zinc and other healthy fats; like omega.

When do we need to add supplements?

After years of picking up vitamins and supplements’ bottles off the shelves, and "hoping” they are the right fit for us, it is time to look closely at the reasons why we need them in the first place: 

1. To fill the nutrition gap: no one can take all the calcium, Vitamine B, Vitamine D, and Omega sufficiently only from food; that’s why adding a supplement will help bridge the nutritional gap that is present, and maintain the balance needed to keep the body strong and healthy.
2. Aging lessens the nutrient absorption: even if we had no past history of vitamins or minerals deficiency, it could happen as we get older. Supplements like multivitamins can help restore this imbalance.
3. Exercising needs more power: sports addicts and gym enthusiasts alike need to add protein powder to your diet. It could replace a big portion of food on the occasion that we involuntarily skip a meal. 

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